11/10/20 03:47PM
Your favorite of their favorites
OK, this is an attempt at yet another chain thread; it was inspired by IronWolf's "Your favorite of...". Let's see if it goes over...

Go to the favorites page of the person who posted before you, choose the one you like best and post it. Next person does the same, but with your favorites - and so on. Obviously, my favorites will be the start of this chain.

Just in case:
To get to their favorites, click on their user name to go to their profile page, then click on favorites (the number).
11/10/20 03:52PM
11/10/20 04:01PM
There's no Shaymin liking Shaymin, right?
11/10/20 04:02PM
I love how absolutely devastated he looks
11/10/20 04:09PM
Dude is living the fucking dream...

I just want to be happy. T_T
11/10/20 04:38PM

I wish she'd call me "little bird".
11/10/20 05:37PM
11/10/20 05:49PM

Who can say no to an ass like that? I sure can't.
11/10/20 05:51PM

That’s in my faves too. We are one and the same you, and I.
11/10/20 05:54PM

Shared favorite, and Galko is up on the ol' waifu list. Lasertek does crazy good work, too.
11/10/20 06:12PM

Daphne may not be a kinky nerd like Velma, but she's a redheaded sixties babe, which is pretty hot in its own right.
11/10/20 06:23PM

Daisy is easily the best princess in Mario. Cute,strong and takes shit from nobody. The reason I made an account here and my username is play on her name. 11/10
11/10/20 06:29PM

How do you manage to have so many favorites..? I constantly delete and re-add images so that my interest stay relevant and my favorites stay under one page.
11/10/20 06:34PM

Shared faves. Yeah you tell me, I add a post to my faves every once in a blue moon
11/10/20 06:37PM

Shared fave. I imagine doing this with my girlfriend one day.

To the user after me, I hope your search is quick.
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