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Tag Discussion Thread
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!!!!WARNING!!!! Remember to ask for Admin's permission before removing a tag entirely on mass, you might remove a valid tag by accident and get banned because you did not check first.

Here we will discuss all things related to tags and tagging, this is a thread to help people tag within the tag policy and framework decided by the site.

Don't know what a tag means? Ask here.
Have an idea for a new tag? Propose it here.
Not sure if a certain tag is necessary? Discuss here.


1. Don't ask about 1girls vs. 1girl. "1girls" is the correct tag end of story. It's not up for discussion or debate. If you are curious as to why this decision was made read this:

2. No ranting. We don't care to hear about how a certain tag is "dumb" must propose some sort of solution. If the solution is simply to remove it you must provide good reasons as to why.

No critique or undermining of site policy especially when it comes to tagging, site policy cannot be discussed in public and only with site staff in dm. This is a not a place to come and complain about our tagging policy, Admin will ban anyone who decides this is a great place to complain about our policy.

3. No getting into fights because you dislike our tag policy, we go by tag what you see (often abbreviated as TWYS), this means if we cannot see it, it does not get tagged, if you think we should tag canon stuff that we don't know about, go to another website with canon tags!

Admin: Keep on topic, RP ads = Ban

No mass tag changes without admin authorization, because anyone acting on their own is not acceptable.

No tagging drama, this means be respectful and don't keep pushing your agenda about a certain tag.

Remember the Rule34 tagging policy.

No one tag to rule them all, ever! ever!

Why? because tags = search results, if we remove popular search tags, we lose hits, we lose search results, our site becomes less popular.

We do not do what other sites do and sabotage our own search results by limiting everything to one tag, we choose the most popular tags for the same thing and remove less popular tags if we have to.

03/19/21 05:03AM
The old one randomly vanished by the forum (there's a been a few posts now doing that, most concerning) is here and restored post, but it won't show up and the coder is not sure why, with all the old wisdom that was there:

We now have a restore tool, but not sure if it works for the ones the system randomly eats, but it seems to be very rare.

Alias system is has no undo function rendering it very dangerous so we don't use it, all aliases implemented cannot be changed back.

Please remember to stop trying to remove what you think are redundant tags, if it is a popular search term it gets to remain because when Google or whoever checks our site they use our tags to determine the content.

If we remove all but one term we get shit search results, we decline all for the sake of wanting one tag for one thing, makes no sense from a business stand point.

Neither does it make sense to have 12 tags for the same thing either, we gotto have a nice balance of the most popular terms.
03/19/21 10:06PM
I remember asking about a year ago if there could be a congregated tag for specifically the action of fellatio given during paizuri, and there appears to now be the tag "paizufella" but it hasn't yet been applied to many posts. Was this an agreed-upon tag? I haven't checked in long enough that I dont know if it is, and if I should be tagging multiple posts with it or not.
03/22/21 04:45AM
TheRealLlortor said:
and there appears to now be the tag "paizufella" but it hasn't yet been applied to many posts. Was this an agreed-upon tag?

Usually when a tag count is that low it's the work of a single person so...usually not something that was discussed. I for one think that tag sounds stupid...sounds like someone's name "hey, it's the Paizu Fella!"

I kinda like "paizullatio" instead...good combination of both words. And I do think we need a tag for this act...seems like it's been requested a million times by now.
03/22/21 05:07AM
There's already some posts with the "paizuri_fellatio" tag.

It's a bit... on the nose, but at least it is what it sounds like. Without any context it'd take a bit to figure out what "paizufella" or "paizullatio" means.

Like if you google "titfuck blowjob" you get exactly that, and paizuri_fellatio is the same thing but with the tags we actually use.
03/22/21 07:20AM
justausername said:
Without any context it'd take a bit to figure out what "paizufella" or "paizullatio" means.

Without any context one would struggle to figure out what "paizuri_fellatio" means as well...considering one is a romanized Japanese word and one is a rather obscure English word for "blowjob". That doesn't stop us from using "paizuri" and "fellatio". I myself didn't know about the existance or meaning of either word before browsing R34...most porn sites tend to use cruder terms for both acts.

Luckily there are examples readily available by just...clicking on tags and looking at the wall of examples the site provides. So ultimately I don't think "paizullatio" would be all that confusing.

Real question would be does something like this qualify? post #4565088. I personally want to say no, but then what? Would that just be "paizuri fellatio teamwork" or should there be some sort of tag like "collaborative_paizullatio"?
03/22/21 09:26AM
But in the context of this site we already use paizuri and fellatio.

It doesn't really matter, but I don't see why you need to invent a new word.

For that pic I guess it depends on how you want to define the tag. Is the tag for somebody receiving paizuri + fellatio from a single person, or a single dick receiving paizuri + fellatio from any amount of people?

I'd probably do with the first definition. That pic would be "paizuri fellatio threesome teamwork"
03/22/21 10:54AM
justausername said:
It doesn't really matter, but I don't see why you need to invent a new word.

I'm just assuming that the combo tag "paizuri_fellatio" has been around for a while now and hasn't really caught on. What is needed is a new and interesting tag to get people actually using the tag. Plus it's a hell of a lot shorter so it makes potential spin-off tags more manageable...for instead you could have "collaborative_paizullatio" instead of "collaborative_paizuri_fellatio" which just seems like a lot.

justausername said:
Is the tag for somebody receiving paizuri + fellatio from a single person

I think the point of the tag is that people want to see the act of paizuri AND fellatio performed on the same penis...because a search of "paizuri fellatio" could easily net a lot of images like this post #4484812 where one dick is receiving fellatio and one is receiving paizuri, but neither is receiving both. Or a comic like this post #4367544 where one dick receives fellatio THEN paizuri, but not at the same time.

So while I do think the base tag should refer to a single person performing both acts at once, I don't think a tag like "collaborative_paizullatio" would be incorrect...because it's about one dick receiving both sex acts.

This is the last I'll say on it here cause this discussion is taking up a whole lot of room XD
03/27/21 10:27PM
Speaking of tags, is there a way to search for certain tags among my favorites, on mobile layout? With 1500+ favorites its nearly impossible to find specific pics
03/29/21 01:30AM
Is one-piece_tan for tans that are all in "one piece", i.e. no tan on the tummy, or only for tans that are made by one piece swimsuits? There is one-piece_swimsuit_tanline but it looks like no one uses it.
03/31/21 02:53AM
Can someone tell me whats an innie_pussy ?
03/31/21 06:15AM
ZeroTheGod said:
Can someone tell me whats an innie_pussy ?

Innie pussy is basically just a slit, no visible clit or anything.
04/01/21 08:50PM
Why is the Inkplasm tag still getting removed? Obviously there were older posts that deserved it, but a lot of the recent images are either public or fanart made by other artists.

I haven't been able to catch an image being removed, but I assume it's on behalf of the artist's wishes?
04/01/21 10:37PM
If all posts from an artist are mysteriously disappearing there's a very high chance that the artist is DMCA'ing the posts.
04/06/21 07:22PM
Anyone know if the - tag is supposed to mean anything? To clarify, I mean just the single character '-' as a tag and not when used as a prefix to omit tags.
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