08/09/21 02:52PM
Mod Position - CLOSED
Rule34 has a need for new mods to help keep the site safe.

Primary tasks are to moderate content on the website to ensure it follows the terms of service, this involves images/comments/posts when the terms of service are broken as well as the moderation of tags and image/media info to make sure it also adheres to the site's terms of service of what content is permitted.

Also the regular checking of the image/comment report queues containing reports from users who have possibly found images and comments which violate the terms of service, these need to be investigated and if found to be as such, removed from the site to keep this site running.

Another aspect of moderation involves liaising with users when terms of service have been broken and informing them with a warning when necessary, should they not be compliant it may require the attention of an Administrator to either speak with the user or if required to ban them from the service, a moderator will also be required to field questions from the user regarding the day to day running of the website, how to use the site, site terms of service, deletion reasons etc. again it may be necessary to enquire with other staff or Admin in the staff channel or site mail as to the answer.

Teamwork as in most positions is paramount, therefore a moderator is expected to work as part of a team of moderators, this involves communication via site mails and text chatting on our server's staff channel, where a moderator can report anything they feel they need to report, ask questions and ask for support if needed with dealing with a task or user matter as well as benefit from more experienced view on matters if needed.

Discord is essential and you need to be on there to get updates and communicate/report quickly via text only, we don't voice chat, not to worry.

Keeping up good communication with others on the team is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and everyone is kept informed and up to date, a good fluency level and a grasp of the Engh language and the ability to communicate calmly and concisely is required with fellow staff and users.

We are especially looking for someone to help us with the post-approval and report queues, especially comments, we are getting more racism and non Engh comments which need removing.

Instruction and full support when learning provided by Admin and the mod team.

To be a mod you need to have been on the site at least 6 months, get along well with everyone and have a clean record for those 6 months, those not able to get in last time are encouraged to re-apply.

If your motivation for applying is to better the site and keep your fellow users safe, this is the motivation we are looking for, this is a volunteer position with some perks remember, so you will need the right motivation to keep doing this.

Please reply below stating your interest and we will mail you for more information. I will announce when mods have been selected and lock the thread once recruitment is over, thankyou!

Yes free name changes are included if you like :)

Thankyou to all those who applied you are the best!, I have chosen 2 mods this time from many factors, sorry if you did not make the cut this time, please try again next time!
02/18/22 09:11AM
Well, I've been here for almost three years now, and seen how moderation is of the upmost importance to keep this site safe. Other than reporting, I couldn't do much. I do want for this place to keep being what it strives to be, and I'd like to be able to contibute more to it.
02/18/22 07:01PM
Considering to be a mod
Been here for about 2 years, I use the site almost everyday, so im sure I can be a good help on the platform.

With being a mod I can resolve issues, delete hateful comments, and especially help with the rp requesting on the platform. This is the one website that I rp from, and it would be a shame if it ever gets removed entirely. I want this website to be inclusive to everybody, as long as its not something loli/shota/anything way too taboo for the website.

Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to help out the platform!
02/18/22 08:47PM
Looking to become a mod!
Heyo! I use this site basically everyday, whether it's looking at the forum or just looking at pics. I've had an account for over a year but I've been visiting this place on and off since like, 2015 or something like that.

The biggest thing I'd want to do a mod is just helping to keep the peace, whether that's resolving issues between users, deleting hateful/inappropriate comments and threads, anything like that, so I am absolutely willing to work with a team to help manage these things! I'd also be willing to just help vet images if that's what I'm needed for.

Overall my main concern is just wanting to maintain a safe and peaceful community here. When I first joined this site I was really pleasantly surprised at how genuinely nice and friendly most of the community was, and I still think that's the case today and I want to do what I can to help maintain it. This site has been a great outlet for me in the past and I want others to have that experience too! This place represents a special part of the internet and we should all strive to make sure it stays that way. This is something I am most definitely willing to volunteer for!

Generally I'd say I have a clean reputation on here, certainly made a few good friends and I enjoy being friendly and upbeat with people in the forums.

I operate on UTC, just for clarification. Generally I'll be available after 8:00pm most nights, and sporadically throughout the day if I can fit it in.

My Discord is Cucker Supreme#4949

Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing back! ^^
02/21/22 06:30AM
requesting if it is possible to become a mod
I have been on the platform for approximately 4-5 years, always reporting images that go against the rules and talking to some moderators when there are users who break those rules. I think that as a moderator I could better contribute to enforcing these rules, so I would really appreciate it if you gave me this opportunity.

Thanks for your time
02/21/22 09:59PM
thinking about being a mod
I've used this site a lot, and I'd like to help in any way I can! I think it'd be kind of fun to see all the new unique posts to approve. I think it'd also be fun to learn about moderating this kind of website! Even if I don't get this modship, I wish the best of luck to whoever does get it!
02/23/22 07:44PM
I would like to try out the job as a mod
I've been using this site for a couple of years now, but created an account just about a year ago.

I'd love to help by improving the quality of rule34

The only downside is that I have a lot to do in real life so I don't know how persistent I will be as I can't check everything 24/7

I'd still like to try it and maybe it'll work out
02/23/22 11:25PM
I would like to be a mod
i use the website everyday i've been here for 4 years now, and i would like to be part of it and keep it safe and fun for everyone
thanks fot this opportunity
02/23/22 11:52PM
Disclaimer to explain my current account age: I’ve forgotten the details to my previous one, and have since been forced to make a new, alternate account. However, with that out of the way!

I am looking for something to spend my time doing, as with work things can land rather boorish. I am of course an adult, and specifically for this position I have some form of experience in regards to moderation, however such things pertain to discord - where I’ve held positions which include, but are not limited to; moderative and administrative ranks for hangout servers ranging from 400-500 members. I was once a community coordinator for a larger anime chatting discord server ranging the 3,000-4,500 mark - to continue, my experience is not limited solely to moderation. I work well with others, I’m a team player and I enjoy being vocal about any issues that may arise. Moreover, I have a rather well amount of free time as I am ahead of current studies I’m enrolled for at college. Although I am a foreign girl I live in the EST time zone so I can actively respond to any inquiries that may need me to hold attention to! (:

And yes, I do have discord: my account there is four years old, and if I am lucky enough to be picked as a candidate it will be listed in mail if I receive a message from the team.

And as for the specific issue listed: I do have the time to lay about and monitor whatever malicious comments may surface, as I’ve zero tolerance for such things as racism - and non-English comments are rather easy to weed out on their own! Though I like to keep things pretty concise, I feel as though I needed to go into elaboration on my possible capability to help the team. I enjoy being part of a positive team, I like to help and be able to work together with others to make sure everything works smoothly - and I am a rather approachable person!

To end, in support of my previous statement: I do have the time of day to make sure that it is a safe environment, that there are no harmful and or ill-minded messages flowing around: as such things are liable to ruin someone’s time, and as someone who prefers the polar to that - I can entirely make sure this does not happen.

(Also could most definitely help with deleting all of those RP requests lingering around where they’re not supposed to be >.>)
03/02/22 03:02AM
Hope to be Mod
Being on this site so many times, I have seen spam comments and other such comments. As well as racism on here. I hope to be a mod to help keep the peace on this site.
03/02/22 02:47PM
Hoping to become a mod
I wouldn’t mind volunteering my time to help improve rule 34 as I’m here almost daily. I’m annoyed from seeing a lot of spam posts as well as racism so I wouldn’t mind volunteering.
03/06/22 02:37PM
Applying to mod
I use this site for 3 years (but I created acc now cuz I didn't need it) and I would like to help improve this site.
I have lot of free time so I can invest it to something productive. I've seen lot of rule breaking behaviour, so I'd like to be helpful. I can be there almost whole day so I can fully focus on my work. I also have Discord, so If I'll be chosen, I'll give you contact. Teamwork does not make me problems and I can reply almost any time.
I hope I'll be picked and be useful.
03/16/22 03:55AM
Similar to what others have already said, I have been noticing a bit of a "decline." Bot messages being spammed, hateful or questionable comments and topics going unremoved for some time (including the racism that was mentioned by Kielan), and the list goes on. I've been here for probably a few years now, and I can certainly say that I've seen an increase in that sort of intolerable behavior. Heck, even the roleplaying forum had to get shut down due to the sheer amount of extreme degeneracy there that couldn't be moderated (only normal amounts of degeneracy are allowed 'round these parts!). That's why I'd like to try to help how I can by becoming a moderator. I will admit that, while I have been "here" for some years now, I only made this account a little while ago exactly for this purpose: to help try to clean up the place while working with other moderators. So I hope I'll be considered!
03/18/22 12:25AM
Willing to help
I have been on this site for a very long time and have explored a very diverse library of tags. The improper tagging, hatespeech, and illegal activity has been slowly on the climb, and I believe that I have what it takes to assist you. I am active on discord, I type fast, and I am around most often.

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