01/24/22 04:53PM
Chat and PM/RP/Hookup Requests, Intro's etc. (Do not make your own, on Hiatus. NO RP ADS)
Closed due to too many violations of terms of service, it cannot be moderated there is too many over posters and disturbing taboo rpers (we are not talking normal adult incest here but shocking disturbing content) trying to advertise.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we were unable to moderate such an abused thread.

We will create several group threads to replace this one so everyone does not get buried, but we need the new ban to be able to moderate it and keep the taboo and spam posters out, so thanks for your patience.

All ads are now suspended on this forum for now, anyone advertising on the site will be banned and removed, this is our temporary solution and it's far from ideal, but it's all we got right now, we where getting too many ads to be able to weed out the horrible ones effectively enough.

We will implement a system to stop new accounts from posting on our forum, sorry we do not have a date yet when this will be done, mods have been given ban so we will see about getting comments sorted out first.

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