02/02/22 02:32PM
What inspired your nickname?~
Sooo,I'm just really curious about everyone here. So,from the most horny rpers to the stalkers,what inspired your nickname on r34?
02/02/22 02:35PM
Kinda speaks for itself.
02/02/22 02:37PM
A video by OneyNG where he sculpts a chimp in blender
02/02/22 02:38PM
The limits of my drawing abilities for the longest time is 3D shapes and shading.
02/02/22 02:38PM
Honestly, I wanted to keep something of my original nickname with a silly twist to it. Now, every time I see, feels like I'm way too much of a sub with a dark fetish and I kinda regret it but, at the same time, I find it hilarious.
02/02/22 02:41PM
it's just the name i had on a leftover side account on twitter that i used to use to look at hentai

mitch hedberg: "i still do, but i used to too"
02/02/22 02:49PM
I'm actually not too fond of potatos or fries, sorry everyone,
But I didn't wanted to use my artist name here,
Yet I use food as usernames and this time potato won,
And time went on, with this username I will persevere.

Why did I spent so long making it a poem? I don't know.
02/02/22 02:51PM
being lazy and uninventive
02/02/22 02:53PM
Rearrange the letters and you will see my real name.
02/02/22 03:12PM
Stargate SG-1, and a pun.
02/02/22 03:33PM
Gets horny people hornier, it's big brain.
02/02/22 04:52PM
I did a quiz with some of my family, this was the autogenerated name.
02/02/22 04:52PM
Well... Im Wade
02/02/22 05:07PM
I like feet and I'm a perv and 69 is big funny
02/02/22 05:32PM
I actually use this handle for everything online. I am officially horny on main, but, no one I talk to outside of even knows I'm here, so, I don't mind. As for how I got the name, I just kinda thought about what name sounded cool, and came up with this. Arkhine doesn't really... mean anything.
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