04/28/22 08:08PM
Post your favorite petite girl pics!
04/28/22 08:16PM
Now this is a thread i can get behind! <3

I have many petite girls i love, but i will try a give them their own posts every once in a while... also i'm a bit busy right now, but will try to post a bunch latter.
04/28/22 08:17PM

Only one of her, Malyna has a lot of good pics, but is one of my favorites
04/28/22 08:30PM
Blanc (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
My favorite petite character and kind of "my waifu".

Gotta admit i fall in love with her before getting into her franchise, but i now have enough knowledge about her to truly like her. <3
She's silent, kind of a bookworm, but can be very temperamental if annoyed.

She also has a transformation called "White Heart", where she's has a more explosive and tomboysih personality:

Love these 2 pics i leave. <3
04/28/22 08:54PM
04/28/22 09:01PM

She's pretty cute
04/28/22 09:02PM

Really like her face after taking loads of cum into her ass and pussy
04/28/22 09:08PM
04/28/22 09:27PM
My, my, I do love that body type quite a bit.
Let's get some appreciation going!

First up, syvaron has some great stick-y gals:
Love that lanky style they have.

Then, kairu frequently deals with women who are more endowed with fine legs than anything else:
God, they're so stellar at them.

Malyna has already been posted, but to hell with it! I love this one in particular:
The men's swimsuit challenge is a delight of a tag.

Darcy is a joy to see anytime:
The buckteeth nerd aesthetic is just - mwah!

And lastly, personalami:
Just great artwork in general, very erotic in nature.
04/28/22 09:33PM
04/28/22 09:55PM
04/28/22 10:04PM
SexGames said:
Hell yeah, petite pride! Some of the naughtiest girls I’ve met irl have been the devious shorty ones~ That’s where my love for those cute little devils started. Especially since I prefer butts to boobs, and while they don’t have the biggest chests, they can absolutely have a plump rump to die for~

Here’s a biiiiiig ol' dump of my favs;

One of those pics reminded me of this one
04/28/22 10:31PM
Uruha Rushia (hololive)
The PETTAN vtuber by excellence that was sadly terminated due to an unfair controversy, but at least we still have people lewding her even after her termination!

Love her designs a lot, such a cutie. <3
04/28/22 10:52PM
ares95 said:

Only one of her, Malyna has a lot of good pics, but is one of my favorites

Yeah, she’s got a ton of cute pictures, seems snugglable.
04/28/22 10:56PM
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