05/12/22 01:17AM
Who is best girl?
Pretty simple. Who is your favorite female character and why do you love them so much?
05/12/22 02:19AM
It's hard to pick a favourite, especially from such a wide selection of media but I feel inclined to list a few;

Ollena Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell

Honestly these two made the Tyrell plotlines for me, they are intelligent and cunning women which I think just adds to their blatant attractiveness. Beyond their wit, they both are very charismatic and are quite redeemable in a series known for its abhorrence.

Kitigawa Marin

Mostly because she contrasts and compliments all of Gojo's flaws and shortcomings and he vice versa. She's fun, some-what care free but also very passionate and invested which is always a Green flag.
05/14/22 02:00AM
SpeedWagon obviously.
05/14/22 02:02AM
Juri Han
Makoto Nijima
and Breath of the Wild Zelda

They all hit for me REALLY fucking hard.
05/14/22 02:05AM
Lysithea von Ordelia, because she can one shot the Death Knight.
05/14/22 02:12AM
Rin Tohsaka

She balances Shirou out very nicely and is the incredibly rare likable tsundere characters.
05/14/22 12:22PM
Shauntal from Pokemon. Super smart pokegirl.
05/14/22 12:22PM
05/14/22 12:24PM
Jill Valentine no question.
05/14/22 12:52PM
(Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)

When I first saw her I was shocked as shit but I didn't know Alex Armstrong has a sister I mean damn she look hot! All I gotta say it's her lips.

(Asuna from Sword art online)

She was the best swordfighter ever beside along kirito and I never took she can take it very seriously with her work. I meant her fighting.

(Megumi from food wars)

I was roooting for her foods cause I know it gotta be delicious than anyone else in the Culinary Academy no doubt.

(Erina from food wars)

Who was their right mind to make her a *God's togue* I didn't laugh but damn she know her stuff about foods, I don't wanna be caught in the argument here but her cousin is wayy hotter than her come on!

(Miia from monster musume)

She is hot for lamia but sometime I think she need to learn more about her cooking and I would like to teach her and stuff.
05/14/22 01:44PM
Me. End of story. Full stop. Period.

But nah I'd have to say it varies from day to day. Currently it's Anya because god that kids insane
05/14/22 02:34PM
Coco Bandicoot. Easily. Shes probably my first fictional crush as i grew up with the games. Her smarts smoothly combined with the sass she sometimes throws out and her over all cute design makes her my favorite all time character. It helps too that theres many talanted artists that draw her perfectly.
05/14/22 02:42PM
Or me.
05/14/22 08:02PM
05/14/22 09:31PM
It takes a lot to be best girl imo and only one really has it all:
Wicked curves that look like pure perfection
An immense strengthen that is disguised behind simple beauty and elegance
Importance on family, being able to be there for father and child when either needs them most
And of course, Loyalty.
And last but not least, best girl should keep you Motivated

Yamato from Devil May Cry is best girl.
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