05/12/22 09:50PM
Best SFM artist?
IMO, Fugtrup and Yeero are tied-ish for the best of the best content coming out right now, with artists like Ellowas and VGErotica not far behind. Honorable mention to Rigid3d for most improved. I'd love to hear other suggestions, preferably artists that feature sound (in the original animation, *not* edited in by a third party) and/or internal cumshots or stomach bulging.
05/13/22 08:42AM
It's gotta be DesireSFM for me, dude makes full-fledged animation movies, not just seconds of animation looped like many animators.
05/14/22 01:47AM
TheBartender. Mainly cuz he's the only one who makes great 2B x horse scenes.

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