05/14/22 11:04AM
What mistakes do you make in RP?
I've seen a few different threads in this forum about RP pet peeves, what you don't like about other people in RP, what turns you off in RP, etc. But this thread is looking at the opposite side--what is something you do in RP that isn't ideal, or you don't like?

For me, I'm guilty of taking on too many RPs. I don't know why, but when I get in the mood for RPing I usually end up messaging way too many people, and by the end of the day I might have like 10 different RP threads going on. Which is fun and all because you pretty much always have an RP message to reply to, but it's definitely overwhelming having to juggle that many scenarios.

Luckily, I'm at least good enough at RPing that I don't think I've ever mixed up my RPs. So I've never accidentally had Character A do something in Scenario B, or slipped Messed-Up Fetish B into Scenario A. But I have ended up forgetting about discussed kinks for different RPs and erred on the side of not including things I'm not sure about, which also isn't ideal because that might mean that some kinks that I agreed on with my partner end up getting ignored.

Anyway, this thread is for discussing stuff like that. Things you do in RP (or maybe in OOC) that aren't really good practice.
05/14/22 11:07AM
Apparently I RP with clingy people who keep messaging me afterwards. Which is like, no, go away. And yes, that is on my head, I'm the one missing red flags and whatnot. Not ideal.
05/14/22 11:27AM
Forgetting to write down the names mentioned by the quest giver. I'm good with faces, places and directions but bad with names.
05/14/22 12:17PM
Many things, in general. Not asking for writing style, what things a person is ok and not ok with during the rp, kinks and limits sometimes too, or just acting too friendly with someone who hasn't given me permission to behave that way.

Overall, I say I have to RP more carefully and persevere more. I've lost too many partners because of my recklessness.
05/14/22 02:41PM
RPing in the first place tbh
05/14/22 02:57PM
“Ghosting” people, because really I just give up on them and don’t feel morally great to tell them that I’ve failed. I need to work on that personal problem of mine. It’s nothing against the partner, it’s me being hard on myself. So sorry IQ…
05/14/22 03:25PM
Forgetting to adequately describe the setting
05/14/22 03:38PM
Usually taking too long to post due to life
05/14/22 05:04PM
I often struggle to find words with a matching or similar meaning to a word I used in a prior sentence, or earlier in the same sentence when I'm trying to not look like I just use the same small vocabulary over and over again.
05/14/22 05:08PM
n3kketsu said:
RPing in the first place tbh

You're not alone, I think most RPers have made that mistake before.
05/14/22 05:33PM
Due to life related activities? Response time.
05/14/22 08:51PM
Uhh...let's see...I guess I worry too much if I made someone uninterested...or I just kinda let people walk over me because I'd rather not cause anything. Plus I feel I could write some things better but it only comes to me AFTER I sent the message.
05/14/22 08:52PM
Trying too hard with sharing plot ideas.
05/14/22 09:00PM
My main problems are that I have some days where I start accepting too many RPs and end up ghosting too many.
Sometimes I am very picky and capricious so that they adapt to my style or my ideas.
To some people my limits may seem too closed.
I am very fickle, sometimes I try hard and other times I am very lazy
05/15/22 12:34AM
Just a misspell which is my only common mistake, can't be helped if people won't wait five minutes at most while I make sure a reply is properly typed. Just one letter off and that's all it takes sadly, but I don't make excuses for my partners anymore. Especially those who have their standards too high.
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