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Terms of Service for Rule34 Elaborated - Please PM staff any questions, forum is too small for them.
Terms of Service - Welcome to Rule34!

Welcome to Rule34 your new home for all porn weird and wonderful, we hope you will enjoy many hours of fun and frolics.

Our mission is to create a true and supportive website, dedicated to the appreciation of porn.

Everything distracting your enjoyment of this website is actively removed, zero drama is tolerated.

We strive to make our viewers feel welcome, supported and looked after as well as ensure Artists are respected and encouraged.

Current staff you can contact is:

: Kielan
: Dark_Cookie, TheSubject14, armorfid, RainyRobin, Shaded_Cube, CumCannon, Twinkypinkie, Zulgore, Scramjam, Alliyah_Cat, Billy_Bob_The_Hobo.

The following terms are to ensure a well-ordered and tolerable website for all to enjoy, check your drama at the door, leave your worries behind and enjoy.

By accessing the website you accept the following Terms of Service. From that point on-wards, will treat your use of the Site as acceptance of the following Terms.

What's allowed:
1. All styles of drawn/animated porn are allowed providing it meets minimum quality standards, providing it's no a duplicate of any kind, be sure that the image you upload has no anatomy/line art mistakes and only submit good quality works or they will be removed, common reasons are wobbly line art, un-smooth lines, poorly animated, poorly compressed, quick simple works.

Remember to tag with at least 5 good tags and state the artist and give a link to the original source, the artists first public post is the source.

2. Animation Gif's, webm's of animation or 3d etc but keep them a reasonable length, not to short, not to long, we prefer webm.

3. Comments of your respectful opinions, constructive critique, supportive comments, role play, source link suggestions, whatever you feel like saying as long as it isn't designed to offend or criticize overly negatively.

Engh language only for moderation purposes, why? we don't make as much money as you think to pay moderators in every language, we simply cannot moderate it, it's not possible for us at this time, we'd love to! but sorry we cannot right now.

4. We allow some edits of original art but not many, see what's not allowed below.

What's NOT allowed:
Disclaimer: All account bans permanently de-activate the account, be careful to keep to the terms, there is no unban

Also you may be instantly banned if you break any term severely enough in one go or insult staff or state/insinuate you will not comply.

1. Uploading images of those under 18 even Clothed images of under 18's will get you permanently IP banned and reported, they have no place on a porn site.

Any text such as RP or comments mentioning u-age characters, or referring to u-age things will get you perm banned with no warning. Including pointing out a character is a certain underage age, there is no place on this website for anything remotely to do with such topics.

1a. Loli/Shota/Toddlercon is strictly prohibited, you may or may not be warned and most certainly banned if you continue, zero tolerance. (See FAQ 4, 4a for more)

Having any loli/shota related user/tags/writing names used for under age role playing like loli/shota will be banned.

A loli/shota are for human fictional characters, humans, not a cub, not an anthro cub, these are not covered in the terms of service, do not report.

2. Advertising of any kind (artists may link to their individual page in the comments and on the image, but only a link, no text advertising extra stuff).

Personal or RP /Requests- We have to ban people every day for this, do not post them, please use the forum sticky RP thread.

NOTE: You can easily get banned for this, please avoid posting personal requests in the comments.

No source ads using images uploaded only being from one or two select commercial sites allot.

No extra text added to images eg. "see full version here" etc "better version here", no censorship of any kind including panty version and a pointer to non panty version type ad pushing.

No large links, logo's which obscure the image.

Patreon or similar links on the image are only permitted if they are posted on Patreon or similar sites and it can't be helped, if they are placed purely to advertise patreon or patreon like sites the images will be removed as this is not the link to the artists website.

No Re-watermarking images or claiming content that does not belong to you, or watermarks that cover up the image in some way, eg. excessively large pay site website URLs, censorship patreon watermarks.

Refrain from uploading patreon only content that is recent.

If you re-upload content taken down for DMCA, or upload more of the same artist after a DMCA takedown, expect to be banned right away, do not upload DMCA content that has been taken down on that account before.

Give the artist time to benefit from posting there, those who post recent patreon content will have it removed if discovered by the artist. Remember only artists can report patreon content via the dmca email.

No links to any other site in the comments/forum unless it's the artists website.

No giving source links to rival sites like this one, the source is to the original artist's site only!

3. Anything that’s found illegal in the Netherlands (where Booru is hosted) or in the United States is prohibited.

4. No real-life porn, no porn that isn't drawn or animated painted, drawn, 3d etc etc, no photo or video real porn with real human beings in it basically or physical real world objects. Do not upload photos of real people anywhere on the website including the forum.

4b. Really gross real porn that crosses the line (ie. it has zero sexual content or it will drive away users):

Porn that would seriously shock, offend, disturb i.e. gratuitous/hardcore Guro, infants (including cub). Genitalia on display being tortured but no real porn going on may well be removed as disturbing.

We mean don't upload art that has lots of chopped up parts, guts everywhere, bones showing, brains showing, there's no titties or ass/genitalia, nothing that makes it sexual.

No gross overly detailed disturbing vore, no non titalating vore, ie. vore with no nudity, vore with fully clothed or partially clothed subjects is not considered porn.

No real animal genitalia, real bestiality, real zoophilia. real animals etc; we don't want to see fido get your bone...

No 3d reatic zoophilia etc either, if it looks too real expect it to be removed, it's gotto be unmistakably fake.

Any hardcore scat is not permitted as well as scat edits, only mild scat is permitted, real fart porn will be removed and fart art which is too gross or the cloud covers up the subject to much will be removed.

Ultimately staff will determine what is too gross.

4c. No poor quality art work/edits etc., this could be due to lighting, due to bad line art, bad shading etc etc, no image should be uploaded smaller than 250x250. No traces!

No Upscales! waifu 2x etc, no altering the resolution/fps of the original image/media. See 6 for more on upscaling.

5. Drawn porn that is not sufficiently titillating by it'self (we judge what is and what isn't but for example clothing that isn't see through or very revealing) is only allowed if it is part of a story that becomes porn like a comic, but make sure that it is a c post or a parent of an image (pools also work) to ensure they are linked together, or it may get deleted by mistake

Good quality means the image quality, but it also means the lighting (not super dark or light) and what is taking place in the image.

6. Poor-quality content and edits; pixelated, tiny, or poorly-drawn images, tracing, re-skins, skin tone edit, images that have anatomy errors/line art issues/amateurish appearance and possibly had little effort spent upon them will be removed and you could be banned for multiple uploads after being warned.

Fetish images and images which focus on one body part may be removed under quality reasons, because it is a niche fetish and not of broad appeal, for example only feet, or only genitalia and nothing else may well be removed. Non porn or non lewd porn may be removed if not sufficiently of broad lewdness for the general audience, unless part of a set where the subject comes porn.

Crops made by users or those who edit original works is considered poor quality and will be removed, good crops by the original artist are permitted somewhat, except when used to advertise sites like Patreon.

Sketches, lined paper or photographs of artworks are generally not allowed unless they are very good in quality, we prefer digital finished art work. Real life pencil/ink sketches especially need to be on good paper, well scanned, no photo's, finished and very good in artistic quality and skill.

Editing videos or animations in any way is not allowed, this includes adding frames, or cutting bits off, adding text like captions to images and videos that are not yours is strictly prohibited.

Creating images designed to offend/bait/antagonise a group may be removed if it is sufficiently provocative, we do not usually remove content which offends Religion or politics, but race stuff especially we have to be careful with, no race bait or racial play that goes to far, especially into signs and slogans, this includes saying no of a certain race, that's racist and signs or labels of it is not tolerated.

Tracing original works will get you banned fast, we have no tolerance for plagiarism.

Radical changes to characters is not permitted, that means changing race, skin color, adding bizarre features etc, if we think it will upset the original artist or fan of the character it may be removed on those grounds.

6a. DO NOT RESIZE/UPSCALE! resizing original artists work is strictly prohibited, any 2x 1.6x etc. resizes shall be purged. Because re-sizes look bigger, but are of lesser quality.

Also try to avoid images that have been downsized 50% and only upload if your sure you cannot get the full size image, if you know you can get the fullsize image eventually then wait.

6b. Any tributes, like ejaculations of a penis next to an image or doll or any object or porn etc etc, is considered to have been made with little effort and is treated the same way as art made with little effort. We don't allow men jacking off alone stuff basically, we would be flooded with it if we allowed it, since men make ALLOT of that kind of content and we are trying to preserve a balance of porn here, yes it's very sexist we know.

(edits see section 12)

6c. Screenshots of video games and other media is considered of little effort and is not permitted, exceptions to this may be high-quality screenshots or 3d modeling screenshots.

7. Comments/Forum posts written in any other language than Engh they will be removed, and if repeated the ability to comment will be removed. Do not make any foreign language requests or forum posts, this includes nation-centric forum posts.

No personal thread topics on the forum, your work, your group, your art, personal ad etc, all forum is for group topics only, not about one person in particular.

7a. Excessive/repetitive commenting, ie. stating the same kind of thing over and over on many images, or on the forum repeating the same words or phrases over and over.

8. Linking/writing ads of any external website/platform/social media, chat etc. in comments or outside of the designated forum threads. (Artist is allowed one link to their website)

No Personal ads etc, you may be banned on the first offense without warning. (does not include forum where you can post links, just not ones to similar websites).

8a. Source/comment links must be directly linked to the source image and not to the category or main website as this is spam advertising, always try to link to the artist page or collective artist page if possible, additional source links to commercial or ad driven sites are not permitted (because we get issues with people spamming websites).
(This does not apply to Artists and artists websites, the bot is exempt because it auto adds links)

8b. No scripting to images which are not the source either please.

9. Anything written on the site which intends insult/upset/disrespect anyone including sexism, racism, bigotry, hate speech, bullying, slurs, human underage ads or discussion this includes incest, loli/shota stuff, age play, nothing underage or associated with.

Be reasonable and be respectful to all users and staff, or expect your comment to be erased and your account gone if you persist. This includes no insulting staff or accusing them, instead report to Admin.

No incest or creepy comments about that, expect disturbing comments to be removed and instant perma bans for anything remotely to do with u-age stuff, you wont be warned.

9a. No all caps comments, they aren't big and they aren't clever.

9b. Forum posts are not for site matters, nor are a place to report anything, please use the mailing system in 'my account' and contact an or a . The forum is for light hearted chat, role play, fun things, this is a porn site, all complaints, queries etc are better handled direct with where things can be done.

9c. Comments which refer to vote abuse (read the FAQ), or comments enticing people to downvote, are strictly prohibited.

9d. Do not rate images in the comments with numbers by themselves, by all means, share reasonable feedback/review etc, but rating numbers by themselves make no sense.

9e. Be aware that insulting staff doing their job is unacceptable, you "may" get a warning first (you may not if it's bad enough we might just ban you right away), but it is a bannable offense.

10. Tag request comments; they will usually be removed. You can register in 5 seconds and tag it yourself, it's extremely easy to do, so you just look like a lazy asshat.

11. When using the mail system, be respectful and polite, any harassment or lurid unwanted sexual mail's that are reported will get you banned, so ask the person before you get sexual.

12. Edits of original artwork is against copyright law, we will remove any if contacted by the copyright holder, bare this in mind, all edits must be of good quality and transformative.

No skin colour edits are permitted unless by original artist, swapping one body part like the face, head, breasts etc will not be permitted, an edit should be a transformative work (and you should ask the original artists permission), we reserve the right to remove any edit for any reason.

No character swaps and other small edits unless permission has been given and they are of good quality and are transformative not replicating whole parts of the image.

Real life images/videos that have been altered from the original or doctored will be removed, this includes celebrity fakes.

12 a. Patreon and other exclusive higher quality works will not be posted the same day they come out or even that week for that matter! the reason is simple, an artist is more likely to take down their content using a copyright request, if you post their exclusive work day one, please wait at least one week before uploading, to allow the artist some time to profit.

12 b. All non-source edits adding text to images will result in the removal of the image and if repeatedly uploaded lead to a ban, this includes an added story, or personal details, or general ads/personal ads placed within the image, the only text should be from the original artist and a link to the artists website.

13. No part of the images description, tags, sources shall be used for the exclusive interests of the uploader. Eg. adding vote codes to sources, or by changing the original source to the uploaders website over the original source.

Images must be linked to the original source if known, any altering of sources from the original is prohibited.

14. No offensive user names and no excessively long names, any name which is offensive will be banned. Inappropriate user names, underage user names etc.

15. Comments section/Forums:

There is a zero tolerance of drama of any kind, this means you need to be civil and constructive while using them, this means not bringing up things that disturb others.

The mods will decide on common-sense grounds what is acceptable and appropriate, do not expect Admin to cover all of these in the terms of service, Mods decide over what is disturbing and inappropriate and do not need terms to back that up, nor do they need terms to enforce the common-sense keeping order of comments.

This means no: Insulting, racism, arguing, ordering, badgering, harassment, any text (including user names) talking about the, colour, creed, sexual preference, politics/political figures, religion, illegal stuff, general bigotry and anything that's a hot topic guaranteed flame bait.

All comments about the art must be constructive in nature and not just what you didn't like about it, make sure what you didn't like or what you thought was of is described in a civil manner.

The golden rule applies to this website: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and if you want to be treated badly this isn't the site for you-

16. Forums:- No personal topics please, this means topics about you, because we have a topic to introduce yourself and hookup with people, if everyone made a topic about themselves the forum would quickly get overwhelmed with posts about one person, try to keep it general.

Avoid all drama causing topics, personal topics often attract drama, personal points of view, personal view points on how people should be or should behave, ask me question posts, all these are personal posts and will just get removed because the forum is supposed to be a fun place, not a place where people debate and argue and have drama and we want to avoid that on the forum.

No topics specifically country related, or a political party related etc, for pretty much the same reason, if we had a topic for every country/large group it would be a mess..

17. Flame bait topics/comments - This one is obvious but it seems I need to outline that the Forum/comments section is for fun, it's for light hearted topics about porn/RP/whatever is cool, just no flame bait.

Examples: Shit talking about things, being really nasty about things people like, politics, religion, age of consent, abortion... you get the idea, please avoid controversial comments/topics that are obviously going to start and argument and again no privately owned site has "freedom of speech" rights, that's a law to protect you from Goverment censorship only ;)

18. Any links to advertising sites, ads, spam, 3rd party link forwarders other similar sites are removed and your account will get instantly banned.

No images are allowed that only advertise sites or products or the artists page, you may have a smaller link on the image (but not obscuring in any way) and in the source, but only if you are sharing the full art, like an image that is uncensored and unobstructed, or an animated part of the product is shared.

Obviously, few second clip, a clothed image, a censored image, a covered image won't be allowed etc etc. None of that sample here go to my paysite to get more, that's a traffic diversion ad, we don't host those.

It needs to be a good original image, no previews, no hiding the goods enticing users to come to your website that way, if they like your work they will click on your link in the comments or in the source.

19. Tags must remain when an image is deleted, do not remove them, mass tags from an image is tag vandam which is an instant permanent ban. Even if you report an image and think it is 100% likely to be removed, DO NOT REMOVE THE TAGS!

My Tag history tells that someone is meddling with it's tags, we have to check it, whoever is found to be remove all tags for whatever reason WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED ON THE SPOT.


The Admins decision is final, you may, of course, appeal in private message to the admin, but no public appeal is permitted, this means no complaining on the forum etc about something an Admin has done it will be removed.

All site policy is decided by the owner and the matter is not up for debate, if you have a suggestion however please feel free to mail an Admin, please note the forum is no place to discuss policy and all posts on such are removed, because the forum only has so much space and it's mostly for fun things.

You can message Kielan if you have any inquiry about something that's not ted above, or if you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask!

You may also site mail Kielan using the my account/mail if you feel an image/comment has been removed by mistake.

Note that Booru/ reserves the right to delete any image or comment at any time for any reason, to have uploaded any image for any reason, to deny access to this service at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse any deletion request if a valid reason is not presented, being the uploader is not a valid reason to remove the image, the image not getting enough views is not a good enough reason for example.

A good reason is if you upload a better quality image, or an image you uploaded violates our terms, for example if you uploaded nudes here by mistake and then realized we don't allow real porn you can report them.

Rule34 Booru reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time for any reason.

Staff who uphold these terms of service are:

See Contact us page: forum #4240

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: amazing, we did it ourselves. - Lao Tzu.
03/07/22 10:05PM
Our policy is tag what you see, a couple of tags for the exact same thing is just fine, we need those to get good search results on google etc. Allot of sites go for one tag and it hurts their search results, we instead opt for the middle way, not too many, not too few.

1. Images should have: general tags (i.e. "huge_breasts", "white_panties", "blue_hair"), artist tags (i.e. "yamashita_shunya"), character tags (i.e. "jessica_rabbit"), and series name (aka copyright) tags (i.e. "metroid", "the_flintstones", "dragon_quest_iii").
Do not add bracket sub tags, we have tags for series, characters, types etc, we do not want series bracket sub tags like blahblah_(series)

2. If you don't know the artist / character / series, please add tag(s) "artist_request" / "character_request" / "copyright_request".

3. If some of the depicted characters don't belong to an existing series and are created by the artist, use the copyright tag "original".

4. If the pic contains non-Engh text, please add a "translation_request" tag. If you can actually translate that text, please consider adding a note with the translation.

5. Tags: Tags are essential they be correct and to the point, describe the image/video in analytical terms and therefore you should think very carefully before you tag and what you choose to tag and make sure it is accurate to the subject matter.

Don't use opinion based tags like "pretty", "sexy", "beautiful" "slut" "whore" etc.

Be sure what is tagged is in the image, do not use canon info or anything else, if it is not clearly displayed in the image do not tag it, especially relationship things like "netorare" "cheating" etc cannot be tagged unless that is specifically being displayed in the image.

Any tags which are derogatory to sex, creed or color are expressly forbidden, any tag which may cause undue offense shall be removed and anyone tagging these will be warned or possibly banned.

Excessive tagging of the same subject matter, is considered tag poisoning, to much of something is never a good thing, keep your tags to the point.

Use the Favorites and Pools systems to single out pics you like.

6. No tag can be mass removed by anyone, to do so is tag vandam, always ask permission first by shooting a mail to admin, discussion on the forum is not enough. Tag vandam is a serious offense and will get you instantly banned, always ask permission first.

We have a strict no one tag to rule them all policy because we lack a functioning alias system, this means that we keep a couple of well known tags for the same thing, this is good because it helps users find the images. We do not select one tag and force everything into one tag, that makes no sense to give zero results for popular in use terms. It ides make sense to remove very small not in use tags that cause tag bloat, we need a nice balance there.

7. Titles of an image must follow the artists original title for the image wherever possible, they must be respectful and in keeping with the theme of the image, it must not contain references to things like ownership or derogatory terms.

This is to avoid upsetting the viewers and the artist off by claiming this is your waifu, or saying the character is your personal bitch etc etc.

7a. Redundant or useless tags, two tags for the same thing might be appropriate if allot comes under these tags and they have popular results, so again do not remove them until you get the go ahead from Admin.

Removing tags based on what one person thinks is a redundant tag is tag vandam without permission, no one person should decide this.

8. other users tags: Never remove tags from images which are duplicates, report them and if they are found to be dupes they will be removed. No one but is to remove all tags from an image for any reason, anyone found doing so will be warned and perm banned if they continue, we cannot effectively detect tag vandam if people are acting like tag vandals by tags from deleted images etc which is utterly pointless to do as they are removed eventually anyway.

DO NOT REMOVE ALL TAGS FROM ANY IMAGE FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING YOUR OWN UPLOADS. Tag Vandalism is a ban offense and removing all tags is tag Vandalism, go through the proper take down procedure.


You can message Kielan if you have any inquiry about something that's not ted above, or if you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask!

You may also site mail Kielan using the my account/mail if you feel an image/comment has been removed by mistake.

Note that Booru/ reserves the right to delete any image or comment at any time for any reason, to have uploaded any image for any reason, to deny access to this service at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse any deletion request if a valid reason is not presented, being the uploader is not a valid reason to remove the image, the image not getting enough views is not a good enough reason for example.

A good reason is if you upload a better quality image, or an image you uploaded violates our terms, for example if you uploaded nudes here by mistake and then realized we don't allow real porn you can report them.

Rule34 Booru reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time for any reason.

Staff who uphold these terms of service are:

See Contact us page: forum #4240

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: amazing, we did it ourselves. - Lao Tzu.

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