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CONTACT STAFF HERE Info/Staff List : Admin/Reporting/Site policy Questions etc go directly to staff not on the forum.
For Image reporting see lower down.

Questions?: If you have a question about site policy/terms or anything to do with the site, ask staff! we don't bite.

Do NOT make a forum post about it! It would be an absolute mess if everyone did that, the forums are not for site questions!

Go to My Account (top left page link under Rule34) > select 'My Mail' > 'Create Message' put in Send To: Kielan
Write question etc in big box, put a title in the title box, hit 'Send Message'.

Site mail too hard? read the FAQ post above to see if your question has been answered already, or ask on via the Chat link above for invite, channel: #user_support

If it's a matter that cannot be handled by site mail,then email us at [email protected] note that name changes, deletions, site issues should be handled via site My Mail only.

If you write it on the forum, it's going to be deleted and you will get a warning, because the forum is for light-hearted fun stuff, we have one technical issue post only, there is no place for questions on the forum, because asking directly with staff is best.

Image report (Takedown requests see below):

If it's images which break the terms of service, please use the flag as spam or 'Flag for deletion' links in the left side bar or under comments for matters of that nature, remember if it is a duplicate image you must include the image number to the image it is a dupe of, this is very important as we have a lot to go through.

Any duplicate report without an image number of the original will be ignored, same for any claim of race edit etc without evidence given of the original.

REMEMBER THAT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST IS ALLOWED TO MAKE RACE CHANGES OF THEIR ORIGINAL WORKS AND NOT TO REPORT THESE, we are only interested in bad edit race changes, ridiculous multi head swaps etc

Original image is the first uploaded unless a better resolution image is uploaded, if the image is better quality but not better resolution you must offer the file size in your report.

The same goes for any race edits not done by the original artist, or head swaps, etc etc, you must include the image number or link to the original image so we can check.

Remember you must have a valid reason for reporting your own uploaded images, like you plan to upload a better version etc, asking for all your content to be removed via the report function is not permitted, you need to mail with a reasonable reason as to why you want to remove it, simply wanting to is not enough reason, if it was by mistake, please make sure it's only a few, if you report all as this it will be ignored.

For any matters that are more complex than image/comment removal, you can use in-site mail to message Admins: Kielan, see forum sticky about reporting copyright, do not use the image flagging system for copyright.

Remember to back up what you are telling us with links and in some cases like mail/comment harassment screenshots (because we cannot read your mail), we cannot just take your word for it, we need some hard evidence to go on.

Takedown? copyright? someone "stole" your art? info on that here:

You can contact:

For: Rename, appeals, account/Image deletions if you have good reason like replacing etc. (Not for tagging and normal mod stuff, most stuff goes to mods first):

Admin: Kielan ----(

For everything else:


CumCannon -------(
Shaded_Cube -----(
Scramjam --------(
Twinkypinkie ------(
Dark_Cookie ------(
RainyRobin --------(
Zulgore -----------(
Alliyah_Cat -----(
Billy_Bob_The_Hobo (
armorfid -----------(
Abaddon8inches (

Do not contact the server owner unless it's an emergency.

How to mail: Go to My Account in top left>My Mail>Create message>send to: (put name of staff you want to send to and a subject, write in the main box what you want to report or query.

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