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FAQ READ THIS FIRST! (If your question is not answered here, mail Admin your question, read before asking anything!)
The most Frequently asked questions answered.

1. Isn't Rule34 Cartoon Characters/Hentai/Anime/Pop culture stuff/ only? THIS IS NOT RULE34!

- If it exists there is porn of it, simple rule isn't it?
one that was meant to be a joke and not taken seriously.

We choose to follow the rule to the letter, no added criteria and we make this content easy to find!

Real porn got moved to another website and we don't even own the website anymore since real porn sites are not feasible anymore.

2. How can I change my user name? / How can I remove images, How to delete my account etc

(Please do not request by email with regard to account matters, NO EMAIL! NO DISCORD! or anything else external from the site for account matters)

Site mail/Site PM Admin Kielan so we know you are the account holder. Please put in the title what it is about. 'Account deletion''Change of username' these are good titles. Putting "hello" as the title means Admin is not sure what the mail is about and it may get left till last.

Warning, if you have received a warning, you need to wait 6 months till you can change your name.

Site mail only because we need to estabh you are the account owner and this is easily done via site mail/DM.

Simply contact Kielan via site mail/DM and request it= MyAccount>MyMail.

Mention what name you would like. To check if a name is available, simply paste this in the address bar at put your chosen name after the =

If account deletion, there is a security lag of 3-4 days for account compromise or change of mind, please don't ask until a week has passed.

If you are the copyright holder of images email [email protected] and request there with proof.

If not the copyright holder a user can only remove an image if they remove a corrected version, or they uploaded an image against our tos by mistake, or an image that has an obvious error, if you simply want to remove it, the site will decline since we are not an image host but an archive.

One name change per year (unless you have a good reason to need to change your name before then, in which case specify when you send a site mail), if you have been warned by staff you may not change your name until 6 months after that warning, if you have multiple warnings a year, can decide to deny you name change at any time for any reason.

3. Please change my password?

- We cannot change passwords, it can be done via the link below the login, if you registered with an email address a password reset link will be emailed to you (if you did not register with an email you cannot reset your password). Or you can change your password in "My Account" top left.

Remember to check spam/social/trash folders, check case of user name and email put into the boxes and make sure they are the correct way around.

4. What is loli/shota?

- If it looks/appears as if it has young or young teen anatomy it is loli for females and shota for males, older teenagers are fine to remain, remember in some images the artist will draw them too young and in others a bit older and they are fine.

You can be sure that / will differ slightly on gauging anatomy, but ultimately it is up to us to determine if content is loli/shota, do not report again what has been unflagged, though you can appeal.

The confusion begins when you consider fictional age or that the character is automatically that age that's not the case with fan art, fictional age cannot be applied to fan art, because fictional age does not help when the artist draws them older or younger. We go by how mature the anatomy is as they appear in the image, image by image, we do not go by canon/fictional age because this content is not done by the same artist as the original fiction. Fiction age also quite often differs from how mature the character looks, Japan fiction is good at doing that.

4a. What you have against loli/shota?

- Our advertisers, all banks etc have terms of service that forbid this sort of content especially after the UN ruling, so we have to remove them proactively to be able to exist, it has become an existential threat to this site, it is a simple fact of life that you must comply with the rules, it isn't something we have decided, we just adhere to the rules.

We try to archive as much porn as possible for posterity, but some is just too controversial for advertisers and companies.

It is also very controversial/disturbing for the average user who does not wish to see that content, so it fixes that issue also.

No adverts = no Rule34, money to pay for this site has to come from somewhere.

Do not upload drawn depictions with anatomy of shota/loli, you will get permanently banned and don't expect much warning, please contact staff if you upload by mistake.

5. What do you have against edits? why do you not allow edits except really really good ones?

- Nothing at all, but we do remove some edits of original art work, because artists are much more likely to take down all their art if they see too many edits of their original work, this is handled on a case by case basis, usually lower quality edits get the axe. We allow only a few transformative very well done edits that any artist or viewer would enjoy to see, we advice everyone, not to upload edits for the most part.

Also we had so many edits at one point it flooded the site and we got too many complaints, same with most stuff we have to sadly not allow, we just get far too much of the content uploaded at once.

6. I have this great idea for the site/forum to make it better! where can I tell you?

- We are currently implementing allot of upgrades to the site and are not taking any suggestions at this time because we have allot of important one's to implement, some cannot be implemented due to copyright of the site software.

7. Help I accidentally selected 'Always View In Original Size' and now some images are huge or I can't zoom out what do? I turned on desktop layout by accident, how to fix?

Go to My account>Options> Original images near the bottom and select default behavior and remember to hit save button below it.

If on mobile, check your My Account>options page, you can turn mobile layout on and off there.

Note. This cures most site related issues.

Also try another browser, if it works, then there is a problem with your original browser, if all else fails re-install.

8. Do I have to pay anything for this site?

- no never, we have a Patreon and ads.

9. Is there a way to block tags or certain images? - How to block images?

- Simply add tags with a space between each, of what you don't want to see, My Account > Options > Tag Blackt

Whatever tags you place in the blackt will be blocked, if you wish to see them again, simply remove tags from the tag blackt box.

If the image isn't tagged correctly it will still show up, you can help by editing the image and adding the tag that is missing, be sure it is correct!

10. Why don't you add this feature that would be really great?

- Our site software is copyrighted, we cannot alter it, but we can add things to it, we try to implement as much as we can.

11. Please stop stealing this artists artwork! why you do this? thieves!/Why do you have stolen artwork of this artist on your website?

- The artist or company owns the copyright usually, even if someone commissions a work, they and they alone decide if an artwork remains and gets publicity and backed up here, we remove all images/photo's requested to be taken down through our DMCA email system, we comply with all DMCA requests.

It's also not technically 'stealing', because the original remains with the creator, we don't charge for the artwork or claim it is ours, so technically nothing has been stolen.

We also do not upload anything from the artist/content creator, so the site never steals artwork, all content is uploaded from other sites automatically or from users, we are not guilty for the actions of users, no service is, we do have responsibility to take down works uploaded without permission and we do just that absolutely.

It's like if someone donates a book to a library or second hand book store, do you accuse the library/store of stealing because they haven't the time to ask every artist if it is OK to archive their work? no of course not that is not feasible or reasonable.

12. Why you ban me? I can get around it you know! I didn't do nuttin'!

- You only get banned usually (NOT ALWAYS DON'T EXPECT A WARNING) after being given warnings about what you are doing wrong, usually something against the sites terms of service, ten very carefully to warnings, you will get banned if you ignore them, if people do what they want, the site is chaos and a mess, the terms are there to prevent that.

Anyone can get past a ban, but whatever you do will be erased, so it's a pointless waste of your time, we can remove images and comments in a milecond, we recommend you move on elsewhere and learn from your mistakes, bans are forever here.

13. I see something that is against the terms of service, why do you allow it?

Just because something 'against the ToS' remains on this site and is not removed right away, does not mean it is 'allowed' it means it has not been discovered yet.

Please remember this in all things in life as this is a dangerous argument to justify doing things against the rules, because if you think something is allowed because it has not been stopped yet... you will end up getting banned from places, or worse become a criminal by thinking it's alright to break the law since others are doing it.

For example it's like thinking it's alright to steal because a cop didn't catch you right away, or the cop didn't catch the other thief right away... understand most get caught and have to endure the consequences, better not to do it.

Images get missed due to the time of day, how many eyeballs are watching out for tos violating images, human error, etc etc.

There are many reasons why stuff gets missed.

Hopefully after reading this you will know for all time:

"Just because something is against the terms of service has not been removed yet, does not automatically mean it is 'allowed'." same with any rules.

It may have been missed! (or maybe it's not against the ToS and you think it is) and it's an awesome thing for you guys to report it, using the flag for deletion link when you view an image or next to someones comment, giving a good reason there and reporting the image/comment, it helps so much and we really appreciate it! bare in mind if it doesn't get removed after reporting, an has decided it's not in violation of the terms and can stay.

You have every right to ask me via mail why it wasn't removed, but please refer to a specific image/comment and not be massively vague and ask 'why are images in general are not getting removed??', we need to know what you are referring to. Thanks!

13a. Why don't you remove all images that are against the terms of service, from a users account who has had some removed?

-Maybe they are not against the terms of service, maybe we missed them, maybe we didn't have time to get to them, this is why we have report image.

14. What's the difference between and rule34.paheal?

Different owners/Site Software (though looks the similar).
Different tagging system, allows many more tags to make images easier to find.
Paheal has rules: rule34.paheal/wiki/rules has terms of service:
There are too many differences to t really, the best way is to compare the two yourself and decide for yourself :)

15. Why do I get malicious popups and virus warnings when I use your website??

We get these questions from time to time and Most of the time it's either malware they you got through downloading some app, or you clicked something you should not have and got your browser hijacked. Either way it's not our adverts, our adverts are checked and from reputable ad providers only.

To be sure, just use rule34 with another machine, another phone etc and see if you get the same issue, if you don't then it is a problem at your end, if you get the same problem on different devices and you are sure it's our ads causing the issue, then sent me an insite mail, with links to screenshots of the issue.

16. You -flagged the comment I flagged, you did not remove the image I reported, how come?

We mostly remove images/comments that violate the terms of service on the forum sticky, if we don't remove it you can be sure your reason given was either incorrect or not detailed enough, to find out which please contact Kielan.

Please never ever report based upon your opinion of a genre.

Please give a few words to explain your reason for reporting, don't just write 'spam' etc. otherwise we don't really know why you are reporting it and therefore it will most likely get -flagged in one click.

17. How can I get my image back/restored?

Images are removed for various reasons, quality, age appearance, duplicate, unauthorized edit etc etc, basically reasons layed out in the Terms of Sevice sticky.

If you feel an image has been deleted in error, please send an in-site mail to Kielan giving a link to the image in question and why you think it was removed by mistake.

If the image has no link then a minimum of 48 hours (sometimes much longer) has transpired and the image has been permanently deleted, there is no restoring the image after that, however you can offer a link to it and ask if it is alright to re-upload.

17a. Why did you remove my clothed image due to not porn?

Because the subject is clothed, especially fully clothed models will get removed, semi skin tight/body suit clothing also, but shots through pants etc.

We sometimes make some exceptions like if you can see the chest and nipples and crotch through the fabric (or butt).. but only if it is really clear and of particular sexy value, also if the cleavage is amazing.

But we do so on a case by case basis, if your image was removed for being "not porn" it is because we think it's not titillating enough in general, this is a porn site, it is not a fetish porn site for those who like clothing fetish.

18. How do I remove a comment or an image?/How do I remove my own comments?

You cannot remove them is the basic answer, we cannot give the permission of users to do this for security reasons, however, you can report a comment using the 'Flag for deletion' link which is beneath every comment, give a good reason like "I am the one who made the comment and I want it removed" or "this comment is insulting, racist, spam, unconstructively negative etc"

If you want an image post removed there is under the options in the left column next to every image you click on a link that says 'Flag for deletion' Click it and give the reason you think the image should be removed eg. "I uploaded this by mistake, I am the uploader", "This image is loli" .

Using these links is the absolute best way to ensure something is removed, please do not ever rely on making comments or talking about the problem, this solves nothing.

If you have a problem with a forum topic or comments made on the forum, please send a mail to or giving a link to it, also if possible take a screen shot (google how to screenshot a webpage if unsure and upload to a free image hosting service and give us the link)

Will we one day allow users to remove their own comments? maybe, but it would require making new site software, this will take time.

19. How to search images by score?

score:> for ascending
score:< for decending

For a score higher than a certain value score:> (value)
eg. score:>100
Using tag eg. big_breasts score:>100

If you want to ignore old downvotes:

You can see everything voted down by going to

You just alter the comment and the post threshold in my account>options to -1000, then you will see everything hidden.

20. I have a problem with an ad/An ad tried to give me a virus!

Please check the Broken things thread and report there if you have any issues, we work very hard to ensure that all our ads are as invasive as possible and we'd like to know if any ad provider is not providing that.

This website has never offered ad's that contain viruses, this is the last thing any site would want to have, it's common sense really, no business would allow that kind of thing anywhere near it, only small time sites do that kind of thing and we are way bigger than those and part of that reason is this site is 100% safe.

To date no one has ever offered one scrap of evidence for a virus being offered or anything from this website, even screenshots on popup ads don't feature this website, they get it from elsewhere and just happen to be using Rule34 as well.

Truth is pretty simple, those claiming to have gotten viruses offered from this website are a couple of people who got banned from here making up lies to try and punish the site.

21. I'm being harassed wont you deal with it?

Many people who inform us they have been harassed forget that every harassment report needs to be backed up by proof, if on the site one can link to comments easily on images or on the forum and we will investigate, but in mail it is more difficult as we cannot read your mails.

If you are being harassed in insite mails please send a screenshot (you can google easily how to screenshot) upload it to one of many free image hosts and send us the link.

Also describe what dealings you had before with this user, remember without evidence we just have your word for it and that isn't enough to take action sadly, we need to see what's going on to help you.

22. Can you ban all anons from commenting and just make registered users be able to? it would fix everything.

Banning anons from commenting is to take away an integral site feature to 99.9% of the anons that cause no issues what so ever, 0.01% are trolls, that doesn't make sense.

Here's what makes sense:

Click on the image with the offending comment, notice every comment below it has a 'flag as spam' link, use it and give the reason why you are reporting the comment and the comment chances are will get removed! it's not just for spam! problem solved!

23. Why do you keep debates from the comments section? Why do you remove comments about downvotes or trolls etc etc?

The comments section is not a place to debate anything, it's there so you can talk about what you like about the porn, to meet likeminded people and for light hearted chat/rp.

Many debates about a subject can quickly escalate into a flame war and therefore if it moves towards a situation where it might distract people from the porn, we remove those comments, it's that simple.

Rule34's comment section is the last place you should be having a debate about a certain genre of porn or wether a definition is right or wrong, site policy, trolling etc, this is better done on the forums and even then you need to keep it civilized and respectful, since otherwise you're just having a back and forth with no point to it.

24. Hey why you remove my stuff, what about that other stuff that's just as bad? why you allow that huh huh? hypocrite/weak/bias etc etc. "insert subtle jibe" we've heard many times before

It will get removed too eventually, if you want to speed up the process, by all means report it too, you haven't been singled out, you just got caught, others haven't yet, it's kinda how humans work, we are not everywhere at every time and it is unreasonable to expect it.

Most times when someone reaches for this kind of thing, it is is a fallacy called 'whataboutism' which we have heard dozens of times and which is a complete non-sensical argument.

What about this other content/person? is nothing but a deflection tactic to move the subject away from your own infraction, it won't work, kindly stop wasting your/our time and take the warning and never do it again or we will have to permanently ban you, you are not going to make any kind of point with this fallacy, you just look like you are trying to shirk responsibility and your supposed to be an adult here.

See FAQ 13 for more.

This however does not excuse you what so ever of uploading what you should not upload ;), all you gotto do is stop uploading that kind of thing.

25. Hey I have this problem with this troll can you deal with it please? I have a stalker etc

9 times out of 10 trolls and stalkers do so because they got a response, they got a reply, they got you frustrated and you vented at them, the solution? stop, simply stop interacting with them in any way and just report their comments. Be it image comments or just the thread they are harassing you in, report and do not interact with them under any circumstance, feeding the trolls attention makes the problem worse, trolls like bullies thrive on the attention you give them, STOP giving them attention, they are not worth it.

Most cease to continue after a while without a reply, they get bored and move on.

26. Why are certain images not showing up for me,
when I use another browser or am not logged in I see them!

bipface - try setting your post threshold to "-9999"

This is good so you can see all downvoted images, certain fetishes are downvoted allot because of loser no life biggots.

You can find your options page at:

Check your tags that you have blackted, remove any that might be obscuring those images you want to see, failing that remove your cookies and cache for Rule34 in your web browser to start fresh.

27. How do I remove an image I uploaded?

Click on image you want removed, click link "Flag for deletion" give a reasonable reason "duplicate, mistake etc"

Wait for image removal, if you want fairly quickly, you can mail Kielan and include links to the images you want to be removed from your account. See FAQ 36 for more.

28. how can I make an existing tag into an artist tag?

Simply add "artist:" to the front of the tag when editing the tags of an image, then save your tags, this will make the tag turn red for artist.

29. How do I report an image?

(Do not flag images for reasons of copyright theft etc, see the forum sticky for takedown email)

Simply go into the image you think should be removed and hit 'flag for deletion' in the left hand column.

If it is a duplicate that you are reporting make sure you report the duplicate by being in the duplicate image when you flag, do not flag the original!

A duplicate is an image uploaded after the original time-wise, the earlier image is always kept unless the newer image is a larger resolution in which case it replaces the original (except when it's double scale up in which case it will be deleted with zero tolerance, no scaling up!)

Most importantly you must give the image number of the original when reporting the duplicate, we haven't the time to track it down, if you fail to include the number your report will be ignored and if you continue you will be warned.

If it is for something against the Terms of Service, clearly t why the image is against our terms of service on the forum sticky, failure to give an adequate reason will result in your report being ignored or you being warned for wasting time, report well or not at all.

30. What is Lock Image and why does delete not work?

These are / functions, you can see it, but not use it. Lock prevents an image being tampered with, you cannot change the tags or the source etc of the image, removes the image temporarily and an reviews the deletion and makes the final decision to permanently it or restore it.

31. Which is better Western name or Japanese name, shall I remove one?

We keep both since the alias system doesn't work right.

32. How do I get my account deleted?/How to contact ?

Send an in-site mail to Kielan with your request to be deleted, we will then remove the account after a couple of days grace period, then your account will be deleted with all comments etc removed.

To mail us with a query or request go to My Account>My Mail>Create message to: Kielan

33. How to format my text on the forum etc?

[quote​]quoted text[/quote]

34. Are you ever going to bring back downvoting?

We have no plans to bring back downvoting as it is too easy to abuse the system at present, we had too many manipulations of the down vote on comments/images which are completely that are perfectly fine to remain.
11/18/18 03:49PM
35. Why was my report of duplicate/repost unflagged without being removed?

Quoting the ID number of the original image number on the report of the duplicate image is required, this is essential as we haven't time to track down the original to compare the two, sometimes there are thousands upon thousands of images of that character and sorting through them looking for it is not feasible, always quote the ID number, you can find it in the website address bar of the duplicate image when you are looking at it.

36. Why can I not delete my own posts?

If users could delete their own posts then if you got hacked you could lose all your images, that's the main reason.

Also when you upload here you donate to the great library of porn that Rule34 is, just like a library you can't just remove the books willy nilly.

However, if you have a good reason to remove an image, please flag for deletion with your reason, for example, duplicate, or uploading a better version, or perhaps you uploaded something against our terms of service by mistake, or perhaps you are the copyright holder.

Otherwise, you can also site mail (not email) an admin and ask, giving a reasonable reason for deletion, if you wish to remove all your images for no reason but you want to, you will be turned down.

37. Why can't I upload my image? it just takes me to the posts list.

Chances are you tried to upload an image that has been deleted, images are soft deleted for a short while to allow for appeal, then permanently deleted for breaking our terms of service:
01/08/19 02:26PM
38. I'm a new artist can I post my work here?/I am a new artist why did my art get taken down?

Rule34 has quality standards, based on correct anatomy, smooth line art, good lighting and shading and many other factors considered.

We advise that all new artists and those not up to fairly high quality standards do not post here, this is not a good place to get feedback or attention if you are starting out.

Remember if your art gets removed for quality reasons, do not upload any more for some time until you get your skill up to scratch.
01/23/19 05:27PM
39. The Aliass are not being approved why? any plans to revive it?

The Alias system is unusable because it was made with no undo function, with no undo to account for error it is unsafe to use it at this time.

We will be fixing this at some point but have no estimate on when that will be possible since it will probably require a new system altogether.
01/26/19 11:09PM
40. Any way to search deeper than 200k posts?


Each image uploaded gets an image number that keeps increasing, so by searching by id number you can look back further.
04/01/19 05:18PM
41. Please remove the captcha, I am not a robot!

We have no plans to remove captcha at this time, due to its importance to the site, we also cannot add exceptions to captcha it even effects staff, no one is excluded or can be excluded.

Captcha is the one thing standing between us and being hit with levels of spam we cannot possibly deal with, it would be against the site's stability and very survival to disable it.

All we can say is within a reasonable amount of time it stops asking you for captcha and you will have to be patient until then.
04/28/19 05:18PM
42. Videos don't load on my device, how can I get videos to play?

Videos cannot play for a number of reasons, so we need to ascertain what might be causing this.

It is possible we have some outage issues in service, this could be due to a server issue etc, you can confirm this by checking on another device you have successfully watched videos on Rule34 in the past. See if the video loads alright, if it does then you know it's something to do with your device and probably not a server issue. If it seems to be a server issue, it is a matter of waiting to see if it improves, you can also report the issue here:

Ad blockers and other internet safety addons can cause issues with loading certain things, please disable these and try again.

For some a simple device restart and/or browser refresh resolves the issue.

Clearing cookies and history is also an option to try.
05/05/19 11:51PM
43. Is there a feature to search for specific tags in my favourites list?

Not in the site software no, but you can get this third-party tool for that here:
06/14/19 01:28PM
44. I didn't get any response from the staff, what do I do?

If it's urgent like reporting someone mail another staff member or DM them on discord, there is a Discord Chat link at the top of this page with an invite to our server.

If it's a name change or account deletion, wait a week and then try site mailing them again to remind, if that doesn't work mail the other Admin, in the unlikely event that doesn't work and only after you have mailed again, DM them on the Rule34 discord, do not ask in user support, DM the Admin on discord, you will get a response.
07/13/19 01:12PM
44.Can I report an image so I can upload a better one?

Firstly the superior image must be uploaded first which is allowed, then we can consider removing it, until the improved image or superior resolution image is uploaded we will not remove the old one as there is no need to, you can still upload a bigger resolution image or altered image just fine first.

07/30/19 02:18AM
45.Why are all of a certain tag gone?

Most likely the copyright holder submitted a copyright takedown request and we had to comply and remove them.

That's literally the only reason we take stuff down, we never take a large number of images down simply because we don't like it or whatever other nonsense reason can be thought up...
09/11/19 03:18AM
46. I get this banned message, but I didn't do anything?/I get a banned message but my account isn't banned.

This could be due to several things:

Firstly an IP Internet Protocol is your address online, if someone else uses your IP and gets banned, if you use this same IP address it means you are banned also even though you may not have done anything. So best to figure out what happened and avoid in the future if possible.

Do you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network that allows you to change IP)?

Are you using an IP spoofer? Safari and left incognito on? or Opera browser with turbo mode on? if so turn it off it is changing your IP to a well-used IP that has been abused and banned by someone.

Maybe someone is using your WIFI without your knowing.

Maybe you are using mobile internet with the incognito mode on?

Someone on your network might have gotten themselves banned?

Maybe you let someone use your network or computer and they posted as an anon got themselves banned? perhaps you left someone unattended on your network and they got themselves banned? Often this occurs, they get themselves banned and then deny it or claim not to use the site due to embarrassment.

Same for any internet hotspot, wifi in public places, there are other people using the same IP, if only one person abuses it and does something to get themselves banned, the whole hotspot gets banned.

Maybe you posted something you shouldn't as anon and got banned?

Very rarely mobile networks especially issue a recycled IP that someone has previously used, since someone has used this IP previously and gotten it banned, that IP is now banned on the site. Sometimes mobile companies seem to share IP's between customers, in that case someone else got your shared IP banned.

Investigate why your IP might be banned from the site and please understand that you can get an IP that is banned and have done nothing wrong, this is unfortunate but all bans are legitimate and the IP has been misused by someone.

All bans are final and cannot be un-banned. (Unless evidence is presented that show an IP ban was in error, account bans are irreversible)

We don't know your setup unfortunately so you need to figure out what happened at your end and how you ended up with a banned IP.
10/23/19 11:09AM
47. How to add a single image to the pool?

Where you would normally put in a tag you enter instead id:<image number>
11/24/19 08:23PM
48. My mailbox is deleting it'self slowly, I'm not getting mails, fix your buggy mailing system!

The only way for mails to ever disappear, is if either the sender or the receiver deleted it this sometimes occurs, mails do not simply vanish, mails have never simply vanished for 10 years this mailing system has existed, do you think it's going to start now? NO!

What is happening is whoever sent you mail is deleting their old mails, thinking you have the other half so it's fine, but what happens sometimes is it nukes the entire discussion, all those replies are gone when one of the two parties of the deletes the mail.

It removes it for both parties sometimes. If you delete your old mail and are still having a discussion in that old mail, you will delete the current one as well, do not delete a mail until you are done having that discussion otherwise it deletes the entire discussion.

This also happens when you send mail to someone and they delete it, it gets deleted for you as well, so this is confusing for some people who think either it never got sent or just vanished, no again someone has to delete it, who? either the sender or the receiver deleted it, every time, always, the claim not to? yeah might have been by accident or they are just lying to be nice.

It gets even more confusing when the person you are mailing is hitting the red x deleting their mails thinking you keep your end of the mail, that happens way too much and again causes confusion, ask them to stop deleting their part of the message because it deletes both ends.

In a few rare cases, there may be certain internet security software or ad blockers that mess with the mailing system, try disabling these so it works right.

Either way very few people out of the tens of thousands who use this site have issues with the mail and over these 10 years it's nearly always turned out that someone has accidently been deleting their sent mails, or someone got banned, or someone sent a bunch of mails and then decided to delete them on a whim.

All you can do is ask the people you are mailing to please don't delete their old mails as this removes the entire Mail.

If you are not getting mails it's because either the person did not send it, or they are putting your name in wrong in the 'send to:' box, sometimes people even put the sender user name in the wrong box.
11/28/19 06:14PM
49. Why my post does not show up in the search/ Why is my post not visible to everyone? Why is my image removed and where can I see the reason?

It's in the moderation queue, all new uploaders go there due to random posters, we have to vet new folkes content, this happens too if you have been here forever but haven't uploaded enough.

So please be patient, it will take some time unfortunately, don't mail us unless like a week has gone by and it's still not approved.

If you want to see your deleted image:

Check profile> tag count>click on the number, it shows every tag edit you have made, including all your posts even soft deleted ones, find it in there, if its not there it's perma deleted and you need to link the image from a 3rd party to Kielan via site mail and query it's removal there.

My Account>My Mail> Create Message> Send to: Kielan
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