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You can find our official discord chat here:

Moved away from IRC, it was not used anyway.

Please note to use site mail for, suggestions, complaints, site questions and queries.

Discord staff contact is for technical issues to do with the site, account problems, etc that prevent you from using our site.
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Discord Rule34 Rules
The following rules are so people can enjoy their time here with the minimum amount of disruption and distraction, this is a place of peace and porn so leave the world behind while you are here, by using this server you agree to abide by the following rules:

General Rules

- The Golden rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Unless you like being abused in which case imagine you want to be treated with respect and with good will)
- You must be at least 18 years or older to use this community server.
- Please keep to English only on this server.
- Your username and profile picture needs to be reasonable and not violate any of the rules below.
- No racism, bigotry, hating, bullying of any kind, we are all equal.
- No politics, religion, nationalism, or any other inflammatory/disruptive images/text etc.
- No harassment, pressuring, unsolicited images/text etc.
- No underage content of any kind, including role play, this includes loli/shota/cub/incest.
- No promoting/advertising/sales of any sort, eg. art sites, websites, servers, drugs, arms, illegal stuff etc.
- No purposely antagonizing other users or creating a hostile environment.
- No drama inducing/depressing topics or excessive arguments, No Spoilers.
- No backseat moderating this includes answering server / site related questions about our TOS / rules.
- No usage of @ Mods/Admin/their names, DM one staff member at a time only.
- No contacting multiple staff members for the same thing, please use #user_support and wait patiently, Slayerduck (owner) for ad deals and site emergency only.
- No asking about policy or a decision made by staff in channels, please query decisions with staff in Direct message only.
- No appealing/advocating on behalf of the banned, the banned must friend and contact an admin for appeal, or write an in-site mail on to an admin.
- No requests of any kind in channels, like games, software, nitro, nudes, free art, money etc.
- No NSFW Adult content Profile pics

-Additional Rules

- No disagreeing/disputing publicly a staff action, instead please air your thoughts/disagreements on their action with the mod in question in DM, or another mod if you need to, or if you feel it was not addressed feel free to speak to an Admin if you feel you have been ignored and there is a legitimate complaint. Anyone found disagreeing with a mod action in channel could receive an official warning and lose roles.
- No promoting or advertising, this means do not post to entire categories of the main website or give random links to body of works with no context, please whenever possible link to single images or if it is a body of work make sure someone has been wanting it first. If a mod determines it is promotion, links may be removed.
- No real life pics or real life stuff in #rp-requests , it's not a hookup channel.
- No bickering or arguing in public chat, take it to DM if you wish to argue, it disrupts normal chat and cannot be allowed.
- No searching/posting/advertising or any content for that matter about underage/real animal/3d Realistic Animal and tags. eg. searching for loli/3d bestiality on the bot
- No media, text, any content of any kind designed to annoy, disrupt, provoke, hurt or otherwise purposefully disturb a member of this discord. eg. Louds vids, upsetting vids, real: violence, sexual violence, bullying, hate.
- No appeals after a month has passed, please try to appeal soon after the ban, after too much time as passed, no one will remember what happened.
- No self promotion of any kind, including any accounts/servers/sites etc. This includes Discord servers, don't promote them here.
- No giving false information to mods, if you are found to be giving false information (like the wrong DOB/Age), expect to get banned.
- Joking about serious topics such as racism, group steriotypes, nationalism, especially your age being underaged which is just as serious as joking about selling weapons, selling drugs etc.

NSFW Channel Rules

#quality-porn: For non fetish, drawn hetero images.
#solo-play: For drawn images of solo-masturbation content.
#real: For real hetero images.
#lesbian: For real and drawn homosexual images depicting females.
#gay: For real and drawn homosexual images depicting males.
#btqf: For real and drawn images depicting Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Futa.
#furry-hetero: For drawn images of Furries. No real Feral or Zoophilia, no 3d realistic bestiality.
#furry-lgbt: For drawn images depicting homosexual, bi- or transsexuallity.
#supernatural: For drawn images of tentacles, demons, animal humanoids or mythical creatures.
#dark-fetishes: For drawn images like BDSM.
#community-art: For images you have drawn yourself and want to share with our community.
#bot: You can search for images via the bot command .rule34 or .hentaibomb. Do not search for any tags that violate our TOS / Rules!
#artists-commissions : To post here and advertise for commissions, you will need the artist role, to apply please ask in #user_support for a mod to DM you to verify your artist page, please note this does not effect the website what so ever. Note also we bare no responsibility for what happens between you and the commissioner.

Staff reserve the right to remove any image or text on the grounds of it violating the rules, or being too low quality/gross/disturbing or any other valid reason etc.
Rule34 Discord bare's no responsibility/liability for what happens in DM, transactions etc.

If you wish to appeal a Discord ban please contact [email protected]


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