05/14/18 06:02AM
Would you fuck the character above?
Just a simple game, someone post a fictional character and the person below will say how much from 0 to 10 would they fuck the character above.

I start, vijounne from wonderfull 101
05/14/18 10:06AM
Lovely figure and a great pair of tits but the face and skin tone is a no...

Chie Satonaka from the Persona 4 series
05/14/18 10:35AM
I would have to be very drunk to fuck with a woman. so no.

The big boy Sven! from a videogame i think
05/14/18 10:58AM
Woah... not sure if I can fit that thing in me... would fuck 100% though.

Carrot from One Piece. Got nothing else, so.
05/14/18 11:02AM
Not really, I'm no furry

Lyn from Fire Emblem
05/14/18 11:07AM
Reina said:
Not really, I'm no furry

Lyn from Fire Emblem

Lyn <3 Ursula for me :p
05/14/18 01:34PM
Totally would

Bulma from Dragon Ball Super
05/14/18 02:00PM
Android 18 is better, but would definelly fuck bulma

Hong meiling from touhou
05/14/18 04:01PM
Red hair, blue eyes, big tits, and a thick body? Yes please!

Been on a huge Persona 5 kick for a few months, so let's go with Futaba Sakura (best girl don't @ me).
05/14/18 06:05PM
Definitely! I love Futaba

Takao from Kancolle:
05/14/18 07:05PM
Damn, I'm sad I missed the first post. Blue skin and inverted nipples is just... Perfection.

This thread needs some weirder choices. :P
05/14/18 08:51PM
No idea who Takao is, but who wouldn't plow that? :D

How about this hot and hung version of Ivy Valentine
05/14/18 11:48PM
Oh god yes!

Veran from legend of zelda
05/15/18 01:51AM
don't know who she is but yes I would fuck her

tsuyu asui
05/15/18 05:30AM
That tongue and my cock? Yes please.

As for mine, Roberta!
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