05/09/20 06:19PM
Site changes, stuff we wanna let you guys know will go here for now.

TLDR: WARNING: Anonymous Commenting can get you banned now if you spam or troll etc. Anything to do with loli/shota and underaged terms will be removed including accounts.

TLDR: Excessive Spamming discord/kik/rp/dm me ads are going to get you banned, please use the forum threads provided.

Anything racist or trolling will banned and all comments made by the accounts and IP's traced and removed in one click, it's fast and efficient.

Keep to the terms of service even when posting as anon:

Too many account holders are finding themselves banned since they think they can post whatever they feel like as anon, sadly often racist slurs/gay slurs obnoxious comments which are strictly prohibited, know that anons are banned allot quicker than accounts since they cannot be contacted and warned.

It may seem like anons can post whatever and get away with it, not anymore, we ban them every day and remove tons of comments you never thankfully get to see, since anon bans came about, such comments have been declining, but also user account holders have ended up banned sadly, don't be among them, refrain from insults and racial slurs especially, don't look like a troll basically.

You have been fair forewarned, posting as anon does not let you get away with commenting whatever, keep to the terms of service, keep it civil, respectful and constructive, no hating, no negative complaining, especially talking bad about a group or artist etc, that's a huge no since it causes only problems for the site.

Those spamming kik/discord id etc will be permanently banned as well, there is no excuse for spamming in the comments, this goes for requests as well, we have forum threads for this.

Also avoid RP requests in the comments, we have a forum topic for this.

We also see an increase in underage RP requests on the site, this will get you banned right away, no ageplay, no underage stuff at all, not even hints at it, it will get you banned, put loli or shota in your name it's going to get banned.
05/09/20 10:44PM
OR Function is back.
Tag OR Tag has returned to allow the searching of this tag or this tag. Seperate with ~

See how to use it in the cheatsheet
05/12/20 03:54AM
Added tagmap by country/state and global:
Added imageserver list for debugging:
06/26/20 05:51PM
Be especially on good behaviour when posting as Anon
Still getting far too many people posting things they should not as Anon and coming on with accounts asking why you are banned, you cannot make comments without consequences anymore, your IP will be banned and never unbanned.

We can remove all comments made by an anon causing trouble with one click now, all trolling and insulting antagonizing comments are being systematically erased, with each passing day trolls are realizing that all their comments are gone and they have wasted their time.
07/04/20 04:01PM
Personal Topics. Questions. Soap Boxing.
Seeing too many personal topics again, please don't make a forum post just for yourself, please consider others.

The forum is not big enough to accommodate one persons question or point of view, we got thousands of people using the forum and all other general fun topics would just get lost in a sea of repeated questions and personal opinions... we cannot allow that to happen.

We created an FAQ so it's easier than ever to get answers.

How to contact staff is on the forum pinned post, staff are here to answer reasonable questions via site mail/messages, Admin is here to explain the logic and reason behind why we have to do things a certain way via site mail/message or discord DM, if anyone has a genuine question does it not make sense to get the answer direct from the source?

07/23/20 04:10PM
Cloudflare Issues, Site function issues.
We note that some users are experiencing issues with Cloudflare and captcha, uploading, sending messages etc, all are being caused by ad blockers or net security software etc blocking the security checks for spam.

Note first from the site owner:

"There has been a influx of inbox spamming, therefor to protect our users we set higher security on our PMs.

Adblocker will sometimes block the legitimate checks to see if the other person is a bot.

Having adblock enabled can cause lockouts or infinite loops.

We can not and do not support 3rd party plugins that modify the site client side such as adblock and noscript. If you wish to use our PM system please disable them to make sure our site works correctly."

Disable any ad blockers, white list the site in internet security software/anti virus and disable any other script blockers etc while using the site and you will find that Cloudflare works fine when it's not being blocked by your software.

Always check carefully your browser, sometimes it appears to have adblocker off but it's still on, browsers like Opera often like to block basic site functions, clear cache and history also.
07/25/20 03:32AM
Forum was down for a bit, sorry about that.
The forum went down after an update, sorry about that folkes.
11/06/20 02:19AM
New users queue.
New users will be put in their own post queue to be approved by a mod, this way we will stop those nasty posts or shit posts before they ever appear on the page.

So a futile waste of time which achieves nothing, zero, ziltch becomes even more futile and pointless, hopefully, they will go do something fun instead of living in a fake fantasy that their posts effected anything.

This means a big reduction in harmful posts and quicker processing of posts which do not meet the terms of service.

Those new to the site may have to wait a day or so to get their posts approved.
09/02/21 06:00PM
Word Filter woes
If you notice the word filter inadvertently blocking stuff it should not, please send a copy of what you are trying to write to Admin, we are quite happy to check and make sure nothing is accidently blocking what it should not.

Don't worry about the content, we are not interested in your personal biz, we are interested in anything being blocked that should not be, we take care when adding words to the blocker and it's mostly spam sites and really bad words that have no place on this site.

Comments are being cleared on a regular basis again, please report all racism, phobic comments and hate, only with the whole community reporting can we remove this ignorant nonsense from our site, intolerance and hate will never be tolerated here, R34 stands for a diverse and open minded approach to all porn we can host.
10/29/21 03:02PM
Noticing an uptick of topics disguised under different names but ultimate just made to complain about stuff.

Please don't come here to complain about art, genres and the like, the world has enough places for this, this site does not need any, complaining is fun in the short term, negative and destructive in the long term and ultimately the wrong direction you wanna be going in, so we will remove those.

12/20/21 10:10PM
I'm having to block certain things to keep the link spammers at bay, if you see the word filter cat it's because of this nonsense.

Hopefully it's seasonal and they will realize it's a waste of time to spam here anyways, we can remove all they post in one click, they lose far more time than we do lol.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy Holidays!
01/24/22 04:55PM
RP Forum Thread on Hiatus.
Until the new systems are online to deal with overposters and taboo Rpers we will put the RP thread on hiatus, all RP ads are now forbidden on the forum, all ads in general have been removed due to these concerning taboo users who are advertising the youngest kind as well, this will not be tolerated. Sadly incest attracts these kind of rpers and yes we allow incest pics but they are all aged up, it is harder to deal with text.

Group RP is still alright as long as it's around adult themes.

Please do not ask when it will be back, we don't know when the new banning systems will be ready yet.

I created the thread as a nice place for everyone to advertise RP, sadly this was abused and those who did so have caused this, shame on them they spoiled it for all the good rpers out there.
02/13/22 08:13PM
Ban evaders and Taboo underage RPers now resorting to Bashing the site.
Seems like we are winning the good fight.

The latest tactic seems to be when they get upset at getting banned and everything they do purged in one click for their despicable u-age role play, is to make a post about how bad the site is... or complain to others about how bad the site is, basically make up stories to try and get people believing a narrative that's bad for the site.

As if that would help them in any way to attack the very site they are trying to exploit, really these people are mentally sick in the head, please report to mods if you see any of these obvious "the site is racist and bad" nonsense spurious attacks.

03/04/22 04:32PM
Disabling of links in comments for new users.
New users/anons will no longer be able to post links that work, this is to render useless potentially harmful spam links.

Account users who use the site, upload, vote, tag etc for a while should not be effected.

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